Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 9 of the PrepCom

The session opened with the three Friends of the Chair reporting back to the plenary on the results of their informal discussions (see summary papers below). There was minimal discussion following these summaries, which represented the range of views on the scope of the treaty (especially which weapons would be covered); its parameters (criteria for judging the legality of a transfer), and measure to implement the treaty.
Facilitator's Summary for Scope

Facilitator's Summary on Parameters

Facilitator's Summary on Implementation and Application

The Chair then presented his revised paper on preamble and treaty elements (see below) and opened the floor for discussion. The interventions largely repeated earlier positions, as most delegations appeared to have exhausted the limit of their instructions and were simply treading water. The Chair amounced that discussions would, though, continue on the final morning of the prepcom. 

Chairman's Draft Paper

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  1. This will certainly be a 'one to watch' given the importance of limiting arms access to terrorist organisations.

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